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Dad's Birthday Cake (New Arabic Book)
Dad Birthday (Arabic story time)

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Dad's Birthday Cake -

كعكة أبي

Product Description

This is such a cute Arabic book! We are excited to present this Arabic book on our online Arabic bookstore.

This is one of those books that you can use not only read to your child, but also to interact with your child, to talk, to laugh and to imagine together.

An absolutely GREAT book for Arabic story time !!

تفتت قطع الكعك وتبعثرت «الكريما» والفواكه على الارض، شعر سليم وسليمة بصدمة كبيرة، لكنهما صمما على معالجة الموقف. فهل ينجحان في إعداد كعكة بديلة لوالدهما ومن يساعدهما في ذلك؟

Ages 7+
24 pages

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