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Learning to Read & Write in the Arabic Alphabet | For Kids & Adults

Reading and writing in Arabic is a wonderful skill to develop, but at Sanabil Books, we understand that learning such a complex and beautiful language can be difficult. Learning to read and write in Arabic requires an organized methodology and lots of practice!

Fortunately, at Sanabil Books we provide solutions to make learning Arabic language (starting with Arabic letters and numbers) an easier and more entertaining experience, both for kids and adults. Our collection of reading and writing Arabic workbooks and activity books makes the learning process truly interactive. Our Arabic workbooks allows the learner to engage his or her mind (and pencil) in the Arabic language. We carry Arabic workbooks and Arabic activity sheets suitable for all levels. Use our Arabic workbooks to learn the Arabic alphabet and numbers, or to expand your Arabic reading comprehension skills and to learn Arabic grammar. Learn Arabic by doing with our selection of Arabic activity sheets.

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I Learn to Write My Arabic Alphabet
I Learn to Write My Arabic Alphabet
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Our selection of Arabic workbooks is suitable for children or adults trying to learn the Arabic language.  You can find workbooks to learn how to write Arabic, starting from the Arabic alphabet all the way to full words and short sentences. We also offer workbooks that will teach children how to read Arabic in a fun and engaging way. Each book is colorfully illustrated to create a vibrant and enjoyable experience for the reader.