Read Arabic books for children; Raise bilingual children; Foster in your child the love of the Arabic language at an early age!

SanabilBooks is a unique online Arabic language bookstore dedicated to children's Arabic books and educational DVDs. We are a growing business, created to fill a gap in the market of Arabic children's books. Our goal is to empower children through art and story, and to allow them to love the Arabic language through engaging, well-written and beautifully-illustrated books.

SanabilBooks has in mind the parents who are trying to raise bilingual children. We recognise the challanges that parents face as they struggle to keep their children intersted in learning and speaking Arabic. Here at SanabilBooks, we strongly believe in the power of books and in the importance of reading to your child at an early age.

For this reason, we searched the market for original Arabic books with beautiful art and meaningful stories, and we present to you in our online bookstore hand-picked original creations that are sure to engage, educate and entertain your little ones.

SanabilBooks is your source for engaging and new Arabic children's books. Teach your child Arabic, raise bilingual kids, and stay in touch with the Arabic language and culture through our selection of award-winning Arabic books and stories for children. Our online Arabic language bookstore is out of the USA, but we offer world-wide shipping! 

                                        -  Happy Reading !