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SanabilBooks is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Rania Zaghir's books (Al Khayyat Al Saghir publishing house). Please contact us if you are interested in buying these books in bulk, as you will qualify for a discount ( Below is a list of Rania Zaghir's books

About the Author

Rania Zaghir is well-know for her new and unique writing style that is very different from the typical style found in traditional children's books, which often focuses on education without imagination. Ms Zaghir has won several national and international awards for her original and creative children's books.

Moreover, she is considered a pioneer in introducing more indigenous and imaginative Arabic storybooks that enhance a child’s self-confidence and develop his/her personality. Her stories make children feel free, untied, receptive, and open to make good decisions, thereby giving them the ability to address life's problems, now and in the future. One glance at her books and the difference between a traditional writing technique that superficially addresses children’s problems, and Rania Zaghir’s method, which gets at the heart of a child's inner worlds, is immediately apparent.

          Finally, Ms. Zaghir adopts the latest techniques of illustration, on par with the best in the international market. Her books are illustrated with vibrant colors and designed to enhance children's artistic perceptions. Each book offers the young reader a dynamic, joyful and shining reading experience.